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Deep Time
Fall 2014

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The Four Elements
8:00 pm @ Orpheum Annex

Upcoming Events

Negative Zed: PING!
The ways we communicate (postcards, ringtones, etc.)
Sun Aug 10, 2014
Pyatt Hall
843 Seymour Street
$20, at the door

CONCERT AT  8:00 PM  (doors open at 7:30)

In recognition of the many means of communication that tie us together – written, audio, and visual – Redshift presents Ping!, a concert of postcard and ringtone miniatures performed and streamed live online to the World from Vancouver. Ping! will take place in summer 2014 and will feature Negative Zed, Redshift Music’s house ensemble of new music all-stars.

This interactive event will be divided in two halves that explore very different ways of keeping in touch.  As an homage to the late composer James Tenney’s famous format, the first will feature a number of new “Postal Pieces”, or compositions written on postcards and submitted to Redshift via an open call for scores.  The second half will be comprised of 20 short pieces (again drawn from an open call for scores) written as ringtones for hand-held mobile devices.  Those attending either in person or online will be given the opportunity to vote on their favourite (a.k.a. the “Lord of the Ringtones”) via tweet or text.  Furthermore, all compositions on this half will be given a studio recording post-concert and made available for free download from our website.


Kiwi Rings - Anne Guzzo - Wyoming, USA
Subway Hijacking - Árpád Solti - Budapest, Hungary
Ringtone Score - Chantal Janvier - Leeds, UK
Fate Knocks - Daniel Larraín - Montréal, Canada
Doppler Effect - David Drexler - Fresno, USA
Pronto - Éric Champagne - Montréal, Canada
Digits Excerpt - Gene Pritsker - New York, USA
All the Triads - Giovanni Albini - Modena, Italy
fragment 9-3 - Heber Schünemann - Québec City, Canada
Gubben - Jesper Nielsen - Huddinge, Sweden
if you don't pick up the phone… - Joaquín Mendoza Sebastián - Caracas, Venezuela
Being/Non-Being - John Baker - Vancouver, Canada
Ringtone Miniature for Octet - Lucas Oickle - Vancouver, Canada
Ringtone Shift - Saúl Chapela - Munich, Germany
Nokia Fughetta - Vincent Lo - Burnaby, Canada

Inner Voices - Marc Jensen - Norman, OK, USA
unison to not unison - Christopher Reiche - Victoria, Canada
A miniature in a postcard - Jones Margarucci - Roma, Italy
Post-modal - Joan Cot Ros - Barcelona, Spain
Quatour à chandelles - André Cormier - Moncton, NB, Canada
Quidnet Morning Loop - Carson Cooman - Cambridge, MA, USA
Noh1 - Randy Raine-Reusch - Vancouver, BC, Canada
Fused - Bob Dickinson - Lincoln, United Kingdom
The Dublin Miniatures (selection) - Peter Moran - Dublin, Ireland
manners - Kevin Zhang - San Diego, CA, USA
Box Factory - Alvaro Rojas - Vancouver, BC, Canada
Motet - Christopher Bailey - Boston, MA, USA
The Bedroom - Luis Henrique Yudo - Amsterdam, Netherlands
Non-Fiction - Nicolas Jacquot - Paris, France
Wish you were here - Paul Ayres - Windsor, United Kingdom
Dans le chant de ma colère il y a un oeuf - Paul Steenhuisen - Edmonton, AB, Canada

Plus some James Tenney and otherworks...

On the Echoing Green
The Ethos Collective with guest soprano Camille Hesketh
Sun Sep 14, 2014
VanDusen Botanical Gardens
5251 Oak Street
$25 at the door (includes full admission into the gardens)

2 events!

5:00 pm concert in the Elizabethan Hedge Maze
7:00 pm main concert in the Great Hall 

On September 14, 2014, Redshift Music Society will present the Ethos Collective in On the Echoing Green, a concert at the VanDusen Botanical Gardens. A musical celebration of the Gardens' - and indeed Vancouver's - place at the forefront of progressive environmental action, the event features recent works and world premieres in two separate events: a late afternoon concert (5:00 pm) in the outdoor Elizabethan Hedge Maze and an evening concert (7:00 pm) of new works in the Great Hall of the Visitor Centre. 

Stroll through the maze and encounter hidden musicians performing Thomas Albert's classic A Maze (with Grace) and other works.

Canadian soprano Camille Hesketh will join Ethos in this presentation of contemporary works for voice and chamber ensemble, including the premiere of a new composition by Graham Flett.

Deep Time
Fall 2014
TBD Vancouver, BC