10 Criminally Underrated Classic Rock Songs You Must Hear



It is no coincidence that the best rock songs from the 60s to the 80s carry the words “classic rock”. These songs have truly stood the test of time and remain musical milestones to this day. Even with all the years of hindsight, some songs have not been rendered to their true worth.

That’s not to say that these songs were the defining moments in this band’s career. Most of these musicians already have countless rock staples to their credit to compile a setlist of their hits. However, some songs remained unknown to fans for years before finally being revealed as something truly worth celebrating.

These are the songs that are just left of center in the rock world, whose riffs can rival any number of classics that these bands have released. While it’s easy to sing the praises of something that has been dubbed “classic,” sometimes supporting the underdogs is more fun. Here are the little-known riffs from rock’s past that will leave you speechless after the first listen.

Throughout their careers, Cheap Trick seemed to be the outliers of the ’70s rock scene. Although they had decent success with hits like “Dream Police” and “Surrender” they never did. achieved the kind of legendary status that bands like Aerosmith and KISS were able to capture. On the other hand, a deep dive into this band’s catalog shows their incredible talent for writing power pop.

“Just Got Back” was one of the first singles from the band All Shook Up. As they released their hit album Dream Police, everything seemed to be in place for the band to take them out of the park again. The group even hired legendary Beatles producer George Martin to oversee the majority of sessions. While the stars may have been aligned, the single performed well but faded away faster than everyone had hoped for.

What people slept on was the band’s return to razor-sharp rock and roll. This track is a combination of blues, pop and punk brought together to create a relentless explosion of rock excitement. Cheap Trick would have a little trouble regaining a foothold in the mainstream, but this song is a real fireball that deserves to live up to their other classics.

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