10 instrumental themed songs for TV we can never ignore, from Succession to Game of Thrones


Theme songs can really set the tone for a show. With visuals, music can pause a show’s title sequence. Sometimes the theme songs can be unforgettable – there just as a formality and easily advanced. However, every once in a while a truly iconic theme song will come along and get stuck in our heads. Some of the absolute best don’t even need lyrics, letting the music do all the work.

Read on to find out the 10 best instrumental themed songs that would be a sin to skip.

Best Theme Songs For TV: Succession

Much has been dissected on Successiontheme song of. (Not to mention the many incredible memes who have come from there.) Nicholas Britell’s composition has a sense of class and sophistication underscored by dissonance and chaos – the perfect embodiment of the show’s tone.

Best Theme Songs For TV: House of Cards

Like Succession, the Card castle theme song has an air of majesty about it combined with a sense of unease. Given the show’s brilliant line-up and its penchant for scheming characters, the theme song sums up the brutal world of DC politics.

Best Theme Songs For TV: The X-Files

X files The theme song is so legendary that the sound has come to be used for all scary situations. The strange hissing, the echo – it all creates a frightening effect. (Fun fact: The song was released as a single in 1996 and ranked No. 1 in France.)

Best Theme Songs For TV: Game of Thrones

You’d be hard pressed to find a more epic theme song than Game of thrones – and for good reason. With a large and rich world and a giant cast of fascinating characters, the Westeros soundtrack has to be perfectly cinematic. The melody skillfully combines the historic and adventurous feeling for which one of the most popular shows of all time is known.

Best Theme Songs For TV: Mad Men

the Mad Men the opening credits harmoniously blend a fun, jazzy feeling with something more dangerous and tension-filled simmering underneath. Combining a classic vibe with something more modern, it adapts to the period. It’s a theme song that has layers, and given that Don Draper is one of the most complex characters television has ever known, it’s totally fitting.

Best Theme Songs For TV: Sex and the City

Playful, affectionate and easily recognizable, the Sex and the city theme song has a brave and refreshing sound. It truly captures both the dramatic and carefree nature of being a woman in NYC, drinking the cosmos, and chatting over brunch.

Best Theme Songs For TV: The Crown

Queen Elizabeth II (OLIVIA COLEMAN) Credit – Liam Daniel / Netflix

Composed by Hans Zimmer, one of the most famous and renowned composers in recent history, there is something incredibly grand and incredibly sad about The crowntheme song of. Traditional royal tunes mixed with an air of tragedy make up the perfect soundtrack to Queen Elizabeth’s long and complicated reign.

Best Theme Songs For TV: Law and Order: SVU / Law and Order: OC

From her deep voice-over starting each episode to her iconic dun duns, Law and orderra several elements having a cultural impact. Long-term theme songs Law and Order: SVU and the last opus of Dick Wolf, Law and Order: OC, are timeless bops.

Best Theme Songs For TV: Hawaii 5-0

Tropical, upbeat and undeniably eye-catching, the Hawaii 5-0 the theme song makes us want to take down bad guys and go surfing. It’s considered by many to be the best TV theme of all time – a fact that’s pretty hard to dispute.

Best Theme Songs For TV: Breaking Bad

Intense and sullen, the breaking Bad Theme song is an appropriate sound for highly decorated drama. Both dark and twangy, it’s a perfect theme for the entire show in the series – something that was important to composer Dave Porter from the start.

What’s your favorite instrumental theme song for TV? Comments below!

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