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For their new album Rust Fairylouisville threesome wombo leaned on the low-fantasy tales of Hans Christian Andersen and the Brothers Grimm for influence, reproducing the subtle surrealism of these stories intended as landmarks for everyday life by injecting their singing indie-pop sound with some of the riffs most unconventional and unpredictable percussion this side of Friend Opportunity. With guitar, bass and drums in sync and out of sync over the album’s 12 tracks, Sydney Chadwick’s vocals – and subconsciously-sourced lyrics – often seem like the only gripping quality between a succession of tracks like the post-punk of ‘Regular Demon’ and the bizarre free jazz of ‘Below the House’.

Yet, rather than sharing a list of influences on the qualities that most superficially define their music, Chadwick, Cameron Lowe and Joel Taylor have shared a playlist of happy songs that inspire them to unwind. From a piano track by Aphex Twin to a near-ambient exhale from label mates Pure X, these 11 songs keep the band grounded. “We’ve heard before that our music is chaotic, so for this playlist, we’ve selected 11 songs that relax us,” they share.

Listen to the playlist below and read on for each band member’s notes on their contributions. Rust Fairy arrives this Friday via Fire Talk – pre-order it here.


Virna Lindt, “Underwater Boy”

I’ve been playing it nonstop lately. It also helps me drive better.

Narciso Yepes, “Anonymous Romance”

This one seems a bit more on the nostalgia side of the cold. I really like sad guitar music, especially if I’m doing stuff.

Camille Saint-Saëns, “The Swan”

I’ve been listening to this one since I was very young and it always made me sit still no matter what I was doing. It’s very haunting yet peaceful.

Dorothy Ashby, “Come Live With Me”

She is one of my favorite musicians. It’s one of the ones you should put the whole album on and listen to.


Pat Metheny, “You Are”

My stepdad was always a huge Pat fan growing up, and I love how this song turns the very simple opening notes into something truly grand.

Aphex Twin, “April 14”

It’s a really nice song that’s cool and uplifting to me.

Monster Rally, “Cuban Velvet”

I love Monster Rally, and this song in particular moves me. It’s great racing music.


Gabor Szabo, “The Lady in the Moon”

Such a powerful song. This mix/recording on this album is perfect. “Dreams” is easily in my top five desert island albums.

Sean Nicholas Savage, “Propaganda”

I love this guy. His music seems very raw and vulnerable to me. He takes risks and isn’t afraid to sing at the end of his range.

Wes Montgomery, “In Your Sweet Way”

Wes is really special. Her tone is so gritty yet pretty. He played guitar using an unconventional picking technique with the meaty part of his thumb. I use the same technique but much worse. Tommy Flanagan’s piano on this track is also stellar.

Pure X, “Heavy Air”

I jammed these guys for so long, and now we’re technically “label mates”. Life is crazy. Their music is for real chillers.

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