Most skateboarders know by heart the unwritten list of untouchable skate video tracks, like Rock’n’roll suicide, White satin knights, The song of the knife, and Like a friend. In fact, the unwritten list is probably written somewhere. However, I reject the idea that a song can only be used once in a video. There have been a lot of classic songs that have been wasted on dated skateboarding, random edits, and poor edits, and I think these songs definitely deserve a second chance …

5. Jefferson Plane – “White Rabbit”

Used by: Lindsay Robertson, in ‘Dying to Live’

‘White Rabbit’ is a relic of the 1960s, a time when the heavy use of LSD and tie-dye was accepted and widespread. Likewise, Lindsay Robertson is also a relic of a bygone era, where heelflip indys and line-less games were acceptable (no, a flat trick followed by a rail or a gap is not a line). His ‘Dying to Live’ part isn’t necessarily a bad cut, but a lot more could be done with this song. Specifically, the overuse of slow motion for the first half of the song is woefully uninspired.

Possible candidates: I would love to see a part where the gradual construction of the song is recognized with a line section at the start, leading to a fast paced “hammers” section. I bet Nick Trapasso could pull this song off.

4. Sonic Youth – “Teenage Riot”

Used by: P-Rod, in ‘Nothing But The Truth’

I don’t disrespect P-Rod, but this song (one of my favorites) just doesn’t fit. P-Rod skating to the weird beats of RJD2 works but P-Rod skating to Thurston Moore’s screwdriver guitar riffs, not so much.

Possible candidates: The first thing most skateboarders think of when they think of Sonic Youth is Ed Templeton, and this song would always be perfect in a Foundation or Toy Machine video. A full part of Ryan Spencer or Daniel Lutheran in that song would be crazy.

3. Radiohead – “Police of karma”

Used by: Jason Jones, in ‘Sane’

The steady beat, pauses, build, finale, and seemingly every other element of this late ’90s Radiohead track make it feel like it was tailor-made for a skate video, but no one else is. jumped on it for years (with no local parts, kudos to Nick Turner). Eventually, Digital claimed it for a part of Jason Jones, but the edit was poor at best. (Slams and accelerated edits? Come on). ‘Karma Police’ has never had its due, and with the Radiohead hype dying out, it may never be used in all its glory.

Possible candidates: It’s been years since I’ve heard a Radiohead song in a video, so holding onto that song might just be nostalgia at its best. However, when Transworld videos were kings, there is no doubt that Jon Holland and Jason Hernandez could have made this song work for just about anyone.

2. Pink Floyd – “Intrepid”

Used by: Habitat Skatepark montage, in ‘Regal Road’

Habitat was still at the top of the game when “Regal Road” was released in the second half of 2005, and Joe Castrucci does a great job editing the crew’s tour footage on this underrated Pink Floyd song. Just look at the way it edits all the lines from the first break of the song, the transition from skatepark sequences to street sequences when the guitar picks up, or the super-8 sequences used towards the second half of the cut. None of this changes the fact that “Fearless” was used for a skatepark montage in a touring video, and thus limits any true “classic” status. I wish this one was saved for full length.

Possible candidates: Honestly, I don’t want to see anyone other than Castrucci using this song again, and Mark Suciu could easily fill this song (with two more minutes of footage to spare).

1. The Doors – “Riders On The Storm”

Used by: Pat Duffy, in ‘Questionable’

I’m sure I’m going to get a lot of bullshit for picking a song out of a classic part, so let me try to justify myself quickly: there is no doubt that Pat Duffy’s inaugural video part is one for them. history books, but most people associate Pat’s video parts with Primus. The Doors song only starts for what, the last twenty or thirty seconds of the game? It’s not even enough time to hear the opening lyrics of the song, and certainly not enough time to associate the song with the part, which is why I think ‘Riders On The Storm’ is a game. fair.

Possible candidates: A nice long montage with a lot of lines, from a region where it rains a lot.

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