Guest playlist: set the mood with Riley Pearce’s 10 best love songs



Guest playlist: set the mood with Riley Pearce’s 10 best love songs – the au review

After being caught in the Melbourne lockdown, freelance singer-songwriter Riley Pearce and his longtime girlfriend took two big steps: they returned to Riley’s hometown of Perth AND had a puppy. It sounds like love to us!

It was also a great opportunity for Pearce to take his first musical dive deep into love song territory, with his new EP (and aptly named). Love and all that.

So far, three beautiful pieces have made it to nature: “Electricity“,”All my Love“, and “Golden retriever“, which we created right here on The AU Review.

Riley says:

This EP is about going through life alongside someone you love, the ups and downs of a relationship, constantly trying to improve for them, planning a future together, and letting someone eat the last chip because that you know he would appreciate it. ‘

“I hope people really connect to PE and don’t cry too much. And if this EP puts me in the right books with my partner, well that would be a nice bonus. “

With Love and all that Today we asked Riley to get us in the mood and give us her ten best love songs. Tap play below, then scroll down to learn a bit more about each of the songs he chose!

“Stay high”Brittany Howard

Much of the love is the times when you lose track of time and this song is the perfect soundtrack for it. feeling. BrittanyIt’s relaxed and the immediate delivery is excellent and the drums (which were apparently played with drumsticks) sound so killer. Terry Cruz’s music video is also quite golden.

“Tenenbaum” – Paper kites

To be fair, this whole playlist could have been a dedication to The Paper Kites – I tune in to this song the most when II’m on the road, on tour, away from my beloved and look at the sky and wonder what theyre up to this very moment.

“Morning comes with diamonds” – Ray LaMontagne

The simplicity of this song and how you can hear how her mood and outlook on her day are changed by being in love. ThisIt is a wonderful thing to have something more to experience and the change it brings to your life.

“Bella” – Angus and Julia Stone

This one has such a peaceful atmosphere. It reminds me of sitting on a porch on a beautiful fall day while admiring someone from afar as they go about their day.

“Banana Pancakes” – Jack Johnson
Showing my new songs to Alex is a regular occurrence when she comes home from work but sometimes she doesn’t pay as much attention as I hope (probably busy saying hello to our dog). I remember seeing Jack Johnson at a show a few years ago and he talked about how this song was written and how it came about doing the exact same thing to his wife.“Sleep on the floor” – The Lumineers
There is an absolute level of desperation and desire in Wesley Schultz’s voice. It’s a feeling of “even when we have nothing we hold on” to run away and start a life together. The music video is gorgeous and this song has been one of my favorite love songs for a long time.

“Blues Run The Game” – Jackson C. Frank
My betrothed and I watch a show called It’s us and thats where we discovered this song and ithas become a staple of our roadtrip playlist since. Thisis not necessarily the most romantic song but for me it isa song thatWe will always bind and remind me to take the other when theyyou are having a bad day.

“White Roses” – Flyte and sticks
I’ve loved these two bands separately for so long and when they came together for this song I was afraid two big things wouldn’t go together but damn I was glad I was wrong. Their harmonies and that guitar sound is something else! ThisIt’s a wonderful lazy Sunday afternoon read, playing a scrabble song.

“Real Fishing” – Henry Jamison
Being with someone who helps you out of your tough times is so crucial in life. That’s what this song means to me. Someone who, when they can see that you are in pain, can just be there and give you comfort. A partnership should be more than the sum of your parts and this is something we always try to keep in mind.

“I must have you” – The mourners
The cutest husband and wife duo has some really great love songs to choose from. “I have to have you” is a nice feeling of needing someone rather than wanting something. Their harmonies have always been so amazing, I guessIt’s something that comes with time, finding the right times to move forward and when to step into the background.

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