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Brad Paisley is one hell of a unique artist, and he has been ever since he burst onto the Nashville scene through West Virginia. Very few country stars create a unique blend of tongue-in-cheek humor and heart-pounding love songs like Cashmere. Add to that his virtuoso guitar playing and you’ve got a one-of-a-kind country music superstar. It’s also easy to appreciate a man singing “Camouflage”.

Of course, previous CMA Awards have hosted concerts with Carrie Underwood aid. But Paisley found his success in the arena thanks to some great songs. Much of which he co-wrote. Did you know that he had invested heavily as a songwriter? Me neither, but that’s part of what sets it apart.

With 19 No.1 singles and plenty of deep cuts, Paisley’s catalog is rich. A few songs that just didn’t make it include hits like “Perfect Storm”, “This Is Country Music”, “The Mona Lisa”, “We Danced”, “River Bank”, “I’m Still a Guy , ““ It didn’t have to be, ”“ Welcome to the Future, ”“ Letter to Me, ”and“ I’m Gonna Miss Her (The Fishin ‘Song) ”Others include deep cuts like the duo’s Cheryl Crow “Life’s Railway In Heaven” plus “She’s Everything” and “Who Needs Pictures”. Heck, even his 2002 cover of Top ZZ“Sharp Dressed Man” from “Sharp Dressed Man” could be on the list. (It doesn’t, but you should still listen to it).

Seriously, the competition is tough. Let’s take a look at the crème de la crème in Brad Paisley’s Top 10 Songs. (And don’t worry, our playlist is missing Wheelhouse‘s “Accidental Racist”).

10. American Saturday night

The title track from his 2009 album, “American Saturday Night” shows what makes Paisley such a special artist. Few people could release a song that somehow manages to feel patriotic without going overboard. “Toby Keith“, while praising American diversity and including a heart-wrenching guitar solo. He has also explored the subject a few other times, including on songs like” Southern Comfort Zone “and” Heaven South “.

9. Ticks

Paisley wrote this one, and like a lot of the songs on this list, it’s hard to imagine anyone else making ticks sound playful and sexy. But it focuses on what most people consider to be a fairly unique Southern experience (and a milestone in preventative health care), and then turns it into a love song in a way. Does it age well 10 years after its release? Honestly, this Brad Paisley song is pretty timeless (but in a good way).

8. Call me back

Brad Paisley’s 2011 album It’s country music carried absolute smashers. Arguably his most popular song of all time, “Remind Me,” stars future CMA co-star Carrie Underwood and went on to become No. 1 on country radio as well as his highest-ranked single on the Billboard The US charts rank 17th. Paisley also co-wrote this one. When you look at him back to back with a song like “Ticks,” it shows just how diverse he can be in his writing style.

7. Alcohol

Another of his previous tracks, “Alcohol”, quickly became a fan favorite and a staple of his live show after it was released on Time wasted. He wrote it entirely on his own and landed two Grammy nominations for the song. A prime example of Paisley’s knack for making fun of, well, everyone, “Alcohol” helped establish Paisley’s musical spirit. I’ll be honest, this song really made me appreciate Paisley and his humor. It’s also worth noting that Paisley himself does not soak up.

6. Online

If only he knew how much more true this song would end up becoming. He wrote it and released it in 2007 (on the album 5th gear) at the height of the Myspace craze and when Facebook still demanded a college email address. Think of his (also very entertaining) new song “selfie # theinternetisforever” as a 10-year update of sorts. But there’s nothing better than the original, and the incredibly eye-catching “Online” stands the test of time. The clip featured the then rising star Taylor Swift, who had just graduated from high school, and a young Kellie pickler.

5. Old Alabama

Paisley collaborates regularly with other artists (like “Start A Band” with Keith Urbain, “Drive Of Shame” with Mick Jagger, “Gray Goose Chase” and “Solar Power Girl” with Timbaland, “Dying To See Her” with Bill Anderson, “Karate” with Charlie daniels, “Out In The Parkin ‘Lot” with Alan jackson and even a “co-writing” with Johnny cash), but his song with Alabama has been a huge success for a reason. Getting the boys to record the song with a return to one of their classic tunes really took that tune to the next level. It’s one thing to pay homage to a country’s legacies, but quite another to incorporate them in a whole new way.

4. Small moments

Released in 2003, “Little Moments” likely became Paisley’s love song before another five years later overtook it. He took the same playful tone of a song like “Ticks” and instead slowed it down and turned it into a romantic song from the perspective of a married man who manages to feel so real without being sappy. It turns things like benders and burnt cakes into wedding songs, and it takes a real craftsman. Who doesn’t love to hear the story about how two people fell in love?

3. “When I get where I’m going”

Dolly parton lent the vocals to this song, which is enough to place it on the list. But this song written by phenomenal George Teren and Rivers Rutherford is the kind of song countless people turn to when lost. It’s a great example of the importance of music, and not just in good times. The song also had a stint on Christian radio when Geoff Moore covered it in 2007.

2. “While waiting for a wife”

If you haven’t seen the clip for this song (or heard it, surprisingly), check it out. Andy griffithThe cameo is enough to make you cry (it’s not on the original recording). But this song is perhaps one of the best examples of storytelling in modern country music. And yes, this is definitely the song that dethroned “Little Moments” as its best love song.

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1. “Whiskey lullaby”

Surprisingly, this beautiful ballad with Alison krauss from 2003 Mud on the tires never reached # 1 on country radio (it peaked at # 2). But whatever, because it will remain in the pantheon of the great country songs of the world, and it is certainly one of the favorite songs of his fans. Bill Anderson and Jon Randall wrote the song, but Paisley and Krauss brought the hauntingly sad song to life. One of her four double-platinum songs, the song also won the CMA Song of the Year award in 2005.

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