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Kenny lattimore sitting with Celebrity Myxer to discuss her new 10th studio album “Here To Stay”. The singer, songwriter and philanthropist has claimed his mark that he is indeed here to stay! Watch our exclusive interview as he shares his trials and tribulations in the music industry, remains relevant, the musicians he would love to collaborate with, and shares moments about his beautiful judge Faith Jenkins.

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Exclusive interview with Kenny Lattimore

Kenny Lattimore’s musical career spanned over two decades. he garnered Grammy and Soul Train Prize nominations. Add to that, he’s racked up Top 10 singles (Michael jordan even admitted to having vibrated to his music in The last dance documentary) and top 20 R&B albums, plus a NAACP Image Award for the best new artist. While remaining sincere in giving his heart and soul to communities through music through his charity.

“Music, for me, is a conversation …”

When we asked him what made him relevant for so long, Kenny said, “I think it’s a combination that I sing about love, and love never goes out of style. Lattimore goes on to elaborate on the longevity of the artist: “The idea of ​​embracing the collaboration because the sound in music has changed over the years. I made sure to keep innovative young producers in my circle so that ‘they push me to keep growing and creating so that I reach new adults.

Kenny Lattimore’s “Here to Stay” album

No blow to those legends who stick to their guns Persian, however, Kenny Lattimore has chosen to reinvent his sound over the years. He explains: “Music, for me, is a conversation. If this conversation isn’t happening between my audience and me, I think it breaks down like any other relationship. In addition, the mentorship of a talented young producer, Madicin, forged the idea of ​​releasing the contemporary R&B album “Here To Stay” rather than continuing its sonic heritage.

Kenny has experienced his fair share of trials and tribulations in the music industry, sharing with us what he has been through. 10 different record companies and has been blessed to emerge each time. He was in control of his narrative. Once again, the collaboration and back-to-back reviews have helped him stay true to his journey.

“I sing about love, and love never goes out of style.”

Of course, we can’t forget those huge hits he made including “Not Too Busy” and “For You,” a signature wedding song. He shared that his friend Kenny Lira originally wrote the lyrics for his own wedding and gave him Lattimore to present with such an angelic voice.

The wedding of Faith Jenkin and Kenny Lattimore

The wedding of Faith Jenkin and Kenny Lattimore

The lyrics for the new album were inspired by his relationship with his beautiful wife, Judge Faith Jenkins. He said, “I wanted every song to be something I told him… for real.” Our favorite tracks from the album are “Pressure” and “Only Girl”.

Kenny Lattimore would love to shoot live with Baby face. Maybe nickname the tour… “The Kenny’s”. Also, he would like to collaborate with Jasmin sullivan, Lucky day, Ro James, and venture outside the typical R&B realm in a collaboration with John legend. Would that be awesome?!?

Kenny left us a word of affirmation; appreciate the time in life and do things we have never done before to express love to those we love …

Be sure to watch our full interview with Kenny Lattimore, preview his tracks, and purchase his new album here! Did you enjoy this interview? So tell us your favorite part in the comments below!

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