Lana Del Rey orders fifth in rock song charts this week



Lana Del Rey may not have scored another No. 1 album on the Billboard 200 this week with her latest release Chemtrails above the Country Club (she came second behind Justice, Justin Bieber’s new feature film), but the singer-songwriter is having a fantastic time on another Billboard graphic that she has come to know very well throughout her career.

Del Rey is the queen of the Hot Rock & Alternative Songs chart this week, as she appears in 10 of the 50 count spaces. That means she controls 20%, or one-fifth, of the entire leaderboard. Of his 10 field goals, eight are new to the roster, while two more return to the scoring after making their debut and vanishing not too long ago.

First in a slew of new victories from Chemtrails above the Country Club is “White Dress,” which debuts at # 14. The title track and old single reappears at # 17, almost returning to its # 15 peak. Oddly enough, Del Rey is running this frame in several ways this week, but she fails to even win a single top 10 of the draft.

Seven more tracks from the new full album find their way into the top 40, establishing themselves at least as minor hits on the Hot Rock & Alternative Songs chart. Only one, “Dance Till We Die”, misses the region by a few places, because it opens at n ° 43. On the cut album “For Free”, a collaboration with Zella Day and Weyes Blood which closes the set, n ‘ not at all hit the count.

Throughout her career, Del Rey has now sent 28 different tracks to the Hot Rock & Alternative Songs chart, which was simply called the Hot Rock Songs list when she first started. 10 of them came from Chemtrails above the Country Club, proving that this is one of his most successful launches to date, at least looking at this list.

This is where all of Lana Del Rey’s tracks land on this week’s Hot Rock & Alternative Songs chart.

N ° 14 – “White Dress”

N ° 17 – “Chemtrails above the Country Club”

N ° 21 – “Tulsa Jesus Freak”

N ° 23 – “Let me love you like a woman”

N ° 27 – “Dark but just a game”

N ° 29 – “Wild at heart”

N ° 34 – “All those who wander are not lost”

N ° 38 – “Yosemite”

N ° 40 – “Break slowly”

N ° 43 – “Dance until death”

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