Loveforce International Releases New Christmas Songs



Santa Clarita, Calif., November 24, 2021 – ( – On Friday, November 26, Loveforce International will release three new digital singles of Christmas carols. The three new singles will be from Billy Ray Charles, Ami Cannon and inRchild. A fourth Christmas-themed digital single will be released on the first Friday in November. Loveforce International will also be offering a vacation-themed book in honor of the three new digital singles.

Billy Ray Charles “Naughty Santa Claus” is a satire about a Santa Claus impersonator who came to visit a man’s house while he was picking up things for Christmas. The music is mid-tempo and lively. The song is a collaboration between Billy Ray and writer-producer John Chambers.

Ami Cannon’s “Daddy Is Coming Home For Christmas” is a family-oriented Christmas song about a child’s only desire to see his father come home for Christmas. It is done in the acoustic genre, singer-songwriter.

“My Christmas Gift” by inRchild is a Jazz genre song. The voice sounds like a teenage singer. The lyrics are about the ultimate Christmas gift that can be given from the heart.

The book offered is the e-book version of What Faith Has Taught Me by The Prophet of Life. The book is filled with articles on Faith, Gratitude, Blessings, and the Connectedness of Everything. The Spanish version of the book “Lo Que La Fe Me ha ensenado” will also be offered.

“As usual, we release our Christmas singles on the Friday after Thanksgiving,” Loveforce International CEO Mark Thomas said. “This year we have three Christmas releases this week and another Christmas song coming out on Friday December 3rd,” he continued.

The English and Spanish versions of the eBook will be distributed worldwide on Friday, November 26, on Amazon exclusively. The three new digital singles will be released on iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify, YouTube Music, Pandora, KKBox, Tidal, Deezer, iHeart Radio, Facebook / Instagram Stories, Soundtrack by Twitch, Touch Tones, Media Net, TikTock, BoomPlay , Snapchat, Bretzel, AudioMack and Yandex.

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