Taylor Swift records over 20 tracks on the rock song chart simultaneously



Like his album Always makes it to No.1 on the Billboard 200 and all 15 songs from the Standard Edition make it to the Hot 100, Swift’s multitude of new tracks also appear on the Hot Rock & Alternative Songs chart, Billboardranking the most consumed songs that fall under those genre labels each week. Swift isn’t just debuting a few tracks from her latest project which is typical of well-known musicians, she’s completely invading the count, dominating it in a way no other star could hope for.

This week, Swift occupies 22 of the 50 spots on the Hot Rock & Alternative Songs chart, meaning she was just a few tracks away from controlling half of the entire chart. It’s unheard of, especially for a musician who previously had very little interaction with the Style List.

Last week, Swift’s new single “Willow” hit No.47, as it received enough radio plays to earn a spot on the Hot Rock & Alternative Songs chart. This frame he pulls to the top, giving the star his second leader.

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“Willow” is one of the top seven hits of Always, like half a dozen other tracks from the first surprise set in the top tier of the Hot Rock & Alternative Songs chart this time around. The country’s new No. 1 (both on the rock and overall charts, plus a few others) is joined at the top of the list by “Champagne Problems” (No. 3), “‘Tis The Damn Season “(No. 6),” Gold Rush “(No. 7),” Tolerate It “(No. 8),” Happiness “(No. 9) and the album’s title track, which features Bon Iver ( No. 10) The rest appear above No. 20, making them all serious rock hits.

14 of the 15 cuts on Always are featured on the Hot Rock & Alternative Songs chart, while one, “No Body No Crime” with HAIM, instead settles at # 2 on the Hot Country Songs chart.

Below her 14 Always hits, eight tracks featured on his other 2020 album, Folklore, continues to find place in the Hot Rock & Alternative Songs chart, although they all fall from where they ranked in the last frame, pushed even lower by his inbound smashes.

This is where Taylor Swift’s 22 songs debut on this week’s Hot Rock & Alternative Songs chart.

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N ° 1 – “Willow”

N ° 3 – “Champagne problems”

N ° 6 – “It’s the damn season”

N ° 7 – “The gold rush”

N ° 8 – “Tolerate it”

N ° 9 – “Happiness”

# 10 – “Evermore (ft. Bon Iver)”

N ° 11 – “Ivy”

N ° 12 – “Coney Island (ft. The National)”

N ° 13 – “Dorothée”

N ° 14 – “Long story short”

N ° 15 – “Cowboy like me”

N ° 16 – “Marjorie”

N ° 17 – “Closure”

N ° 21 – “Exile (ft. Bon Iver)”

N ° 22 – “Cardigan”

N ° 29 – “My tear Ricochet”

N ° 30 – “August”

N ° 35 – “Mirrorball”

N ° 37 – “It’s me who tries”

N ° 38 – “Seven”

N ° 50 – “Mad woman”

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