The 10 Best Rock Songs Featured In GTA Games, Ranked


When you think of the Grand Theft Auto series, the first thing that comes to mind might not be the music, but there’s no doubt that the radio stations involved in the franchise play a key role in the games.

The songs only play when you’re riding a car or motorbike, but there are huge parts of the game when you do that and so the music is incredibly important as it adds real atmosphere to the game.

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While there’s always a variety of music and genres in the game, Rock Station is a popular choice, with many great songs used over the years, and in this article, we’ll rank the top 10 chosen songs.

ten Radio Ga Ga (Queen)

How can you not love a bit of Queen in the background while you’re cruise around in Grand Theft Auto V? ‘Radio Ga Ga’ is a perfect catchy song both in real life and in this video game.

There’s just something about hearing Freddie Mercury’s legendary voice that puts people in a good mood, which is what you want to be while playing a video game, the song choice being perfect here.

It’s one of those songs that rock fans hope to pop up as often as possible and it’s the one that most music fans enjoy, which means anyone who jumps through the strings is likely to get hooked. fun when it appears.


9 Bones (Alice in Chains)

This song is in grand theft auto san andreas, which is full of fantastic rock songs, which is a perfect example of how good rock music can suit the world of GTA Good.

While many people think rap and hip hop are best suited for the gangster world, this is a perfect example of how a heavy rock and roll track can be the best music to listen to while traveling.

It’s a great song that worked perfectly in the game, with the legendary band being introduced to the delight of many rock fans.

8 I don’t care (Phil Collins)

While some of the rock songs used in the past Grand Theft Auto the games focus on heavy guitars and drums to get people excited while they drive, the decision to bring in a Phil Collins song was to provide something very different.

Instead of focusing on just loud and loud song, GTA selected an excellent upbeat pop-rock song which is incredibly well-known and popular among music fans and familiar to most gamers.

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It’s just one of those songs that any music fan will stop to enjoy while playing, and that makes it a great choice to have in the game.

seven Africa (Toto)

Who doesn’t love this anthem? Toto’s ‘Africa’ is just one of those songs that everyone knows and loves, which is why it made perfect sense for it to be added to the radio station.

“Africa” ​​has been used in Grand Theft Auto Vice City and was a song that all gamers loved to hear pop up, even if they weren’t a fan of the genre, simply because it’s such an upbeat and fun song to listen to.

‘Africa’ has a good rhythm, it’s exactly what you need when it comes to songs for GTA games, because chances are you’ll be speeding up and need a song to match that mood, which it does perfectly.

6 It’s okay on Saturday night (Elton John)

While Elton John might not exactly scream rock and roll the way Metallica or Iron Maiden does, this song is on the GTA V : Los Santos Rock Radio Station and is a ton of fun every time it pops up.

While the rock station of the latest version of Grand Theft Auto definitely has some heavier songs for those looking for that, once in a while it’s nice to hear something more towards the pop genre with a good beat.

Elton John is well known for creating fantastic music and it’s no different with Saturday Night’s Alright being a beautiful, pumped-up anthem that will have gamers singing along as they cruise around Los Santos.

5 Strange Times (Black Keys)

This Black Keys anthem can be found in Grand Theft Auto IV and was another great choice by the developers to include and is definitely a loud, in your face song that is very heavy on the drums.

While the band have certainly kicked off and hit new heights since that point, these previous songs are a perfect example of why Black Keys is so good, with plenty of noise and a catchy melody to go along with it.

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It was a perfect song for anyone looking to get in the mood to cause mayhem and carnage and that’s why it worked so well in the GTA world.

4 Young Turks (Rod Stewart)

Next is the song “Young Turks” by popular rock singer Rod Stewart, which is another fantastic song from grand theft auto san andreas which has that perfect 70s beat to suit the game so well.

The music just goes with the aesthetic that the game offers, with a fantastic rhythm that is really easy to understand and enjoy, even if you don’t know the music beforehand.

Even non-rock fans enjoyed this tune when it popped up if they were hopping on radio stations, Rod Stewart’s iconic voice being one that works well in this world.

3 A forest (the remedy)

The Cure is another band that has a sound that fits perfectly Grand Theft Auto to perfection, “A Forest” being a perfect song choice for this franchise, with the early instrumentals working incredibly well.

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You would need to play GTA: Vice City Stories experience driving with this great song playing in the background, but it’s definitely worth it, as it’s a great track for just cruising around Vice City too.

Although it’s not as fast as some of the other songs that GTA used it doesn’t mean it doesn’t work in game, as it does.

2 I just died in your arms tonight (Cutting Crew)

This song was featured in Grand Theft Auto Vice City and matched the game to perfection, perfectly matching the vibe of Vice City and coloring with the rock band Cutting Crew’s upbeat song.

This power ballad was the band’s biggest hit and was a song that became incredibly popular with players as they played. GTA Vice City, that being a big reason for many to listen to the in-game rock radio station.

The song is just perfect for driving too and works as something to enjoy casually or use to get someone pumped for a run or to grab someone when needed.

1 Eminence Front (The Who)

Right from the start, Eminence Front sounds like a perfect song for Grand Theft Auto with the old school keyboard and drums grand theft auto san andreas Perfectly.

If you had to sum up the video game in one sound, the first minute of this classic The Who would be a great way to do it, this song works perfectly with any montage of the video game to showcase all that can be do. .

When it kicks off, the melody doesn’t disappoint either, upping the rock and roll aspect, with a catchy beat that’s perfect as the video game’s soundtrack and the best rock song the franchise has ever had.

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