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Robert James Ritchie has enjoyed one of the most diverse careers in American popular music over the past two decades. No other artist can effortlessly transition from rap to southern rock to metal to country and do it as effectively as Ritchie, aka Kid Rock.

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Of course, his flamboyant lifestyle and personal life sometimes lead audiences to focus more on his personality than his music – which is such a shame, because Kid Rock has given us some timeless moments since stepping into the big world. public just before the turn of the century. He does a lot of things musically, and always finds a way to do them well. And, who knows, he might also be the next great US senator! Here are ten moments from Kid Rock’s song catalog that deserve to be heard time and time again!

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10. Kid Rock – “Bawitdaba

This Kid Rock song turned out to be the singer’s first big hit in 1999, and it meant music critics or fans weren’t going to be able to put his music in a box. It was equal parts grunge and metal, and it signaled that music fans were in for something very unique – and very different.

9. Kid Rock – “Jackson, Mississippi”

Kid Rock is known for taking a walk on the wild side of life from time to time. But, that said, he’s also very upfront and honest about the repercussions of making bad decisions. He was at his best in this piercing track about a man struggling with his addiction. He was tortured. It was twisted. And it was real, very real.

8. Kid Rock – “Healing”

Over the years, many different female artists have taken on the role of Sheryl Crow in the classic “Picture” – which appears later on this list. One of them was Martina McBride who delivered a stunning rendition of the song at the CMA Music Festival a few years ago. Of course, the singer had her own high point in the studio with the iconic artist, delivering a soaring voice on this 2010 single that was one of her deepest and most meaningful moments as an artist.

7. Kid Rock – “Only God Knows Why”

Yes, Kid Rock is not for everyone. Yes, he can be a bit arrogant and polarizing. It is a given. But, musically, the man is a genius – being able to quote lyrical content from Rap artists as well as Country “Deep Catalog” tracks that most fans have heard by now. That soul and that swagger are both revealed on this piece of devil without a cause which showed the singer a weariness few had heard before. A highlight of his career – or any other career.

6. Kid Rock – “Collision”

Political differences aside, there are always sparks between Sheryl Crow and Kid Rock when the two meet. In this 2010 single – which also featured Bob Seger – the two were in good vocal shape on a song that showcased their talents to the max. The track was one of the highlights of the million-selling album born free, which has three songs on this list.

5. Kid Rock – “American Bad Ass”

This 2000 offering was the only single released from his The history of rock record, which shaped his love of metal and rap. The song earned the singer a nickname that stuck with him over the years, as he recently launched a successful portable grill business named after the song.

4. Kid Rock – “Born Free”

The title track to one of the artist’s most diverse musical offerings, this one featured some of the best vocalizations of his career. The track was wide open, and the video showed the singer driving in his home state of Michigan.

3. Kid Rock – “Cowboy”

The first top 10 single on any chart for the singer, this Kid Rock song – for better or worse – is often credited with inspiring the “Hick Hop” movement, or as it’s been dubbed. later, “Bro-Country”. Somehow we don’t think Kid Rock thought of that when he recorded this one in 1999. It was a simple amalgamation of the music that influenced him – ranging from Lynyrd Skynyrd at Run-DMC

2. Kid Rock – “All Summer”

One of the most undeniable hits in the Kid Rock canon, this 2008 single was a hit across multiple formats – including a career-high No. 4 on the Country charts – and across the globe. The Summer Anthem became a hit here in the United States, but also topped the charts in countries like Austria, Germany, Ireland and Switzerland.

1. Kid Rock – “Picture”

The latest single from Arrogant sounded a bit different at first in its single version. While Sheryl Crow appeared on the cut album, A&M refused to grant permission to release the track as a single with her vocals on the song. So Kid Rock went to American artist Allison Moorer and persuaded her to create a vocal track for the song. The song began to gain traction on Top 40 and Country radio, and some stations broke away from Crow’s label wishes. Either way, the song turned out to be a classic, with the original recording being one of the best male/female duets of this century – so far.

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