Whitesnake Announces “Love Songs” Remix And Remaster



CD and 2 LP available November 6

Whitesnake brings together some of the most passionate music from his multi-platinum career on Love songs, a new collection that features remixed and remastered versions of the band’s best love songs. This is the second release from the band’s “Red, White and Blues Trilogy”, a series of compilations organized by musical theme which debuted this summer with The ROCK Album (white) and will conclude next year with The BLUES Album (blue).

The new collection features a mix of hits and deep tracks that were originally released between 1987 and 2011 on five Whitesnake studio albums and David Coverdale’s third solo album, In the light. Love songs will be released November 6 as CD, double LP pressed on 180-gram red vinyl, and digitally.

Like The ROCK AlbumCoverdale says all the tracks on Love songs have been revisited, remixed and remastered. “Some have been musically embellished where my co-producer Michael McIntyre, my new mixer Christopher Collier and I felt appropriate or necessary to bring out the best in those songs,” he explains.

Coverdale continues, “As most of you know, pretty much all the songs I write are love songs in one way or another. These are some of my favorites. Not all of them are ballads. Some are diehard rockers with strong romantic themes… and of course… include heavy breathing in all of them!!

A fresh new remix of one of Whitesnake’s biggest hits, “Is This Love” (2020 Remix) from the band’s multi-platinum self-titled album, is out now. Released in October 1987 as a follow-up to the No. 1 hit “Here I Go Again,” “Is This Love” would peak at No. 2 on the US singles chart, making it the second-highest-grossing hit of the group’s career. . The group’s next album, certified platinum Slip of the tongue (1989), is represented here by the hit singles “The Deeper The Love” and “Now You’re Gone”.

In addition to the tracks from the album “Don’t You Cry” and “Midnight Blue”, the set also features three unreleased excerpts from the In the light album sessions: “With All Of My Heart”, “Yours For The Asking”, and “Let’s Talk It Over”. The albums restless heart (1997), good to be bad (2008), and For all time (2011) are also represented on the compilation with several tracks (“Too Many Tears”, “Summer Rain” and “Easier Said Than Done”).

In the coming months, some of the band’s most beloved MTV-era hit videos will be released on Whitesnake’s YouTube channel in all-new HD, including a video for “Is This Love.”

CDs | 2 PL

1. Love will set you free
2. The deeper the love
3. All I want, all I need
4. Too many tears
5. I can’t go on
6. Is This Love
7. With All My Heart
8. Summer Rain
9. Your Precious Love
10. Now You’re Gone
11. Don’t Cry
12. Midnight blue
13. Easier said than done
14. Over to you for the request
15. Let’s talk about it

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